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Ниже представлены оригинальный английский и русский текст песен Барда из всей серии Deponia. Эти тексты считаются официальным каноном, по этому прошу возможных редакторов не заменять их на фанатские варианты перевода.

Deponia (ENG)


13) HD

I'm off now goodbye

It's kind of pathetic  

You get all erratic  

About dirty dishes   

Congesting the sink.  


I'm tired of your bothers,

Remember our fathers  

They dwelled in a world  

Filled with rubbish and stink.  


But when all hope was lost  

Someone raised from the dust

He was handsome and cunning  

His haircut had style.  


Courage was shining in his eyes  

As he said screw you guys  

Mind your own business  

I'm off now goodbye.

Huzzah, he's off now goodbye.



12) HD

Who's gonna care?

Now as it is written

Our hero was smitten

And rescued the maiden

From impending doom.


On a horse made of steel

Evil guys on his heels

He rode with the girl

Into dawn's early gloom.


She awoke by his kiss

Well at least more or less

And the whole part concerining

The uppercut scare.


Can be pinned at least to some extend

On her damaged brain implant.

Anyway in the big picture

Who's gonna care?

Huzzah, who's gonna care?


12) HD-0

Get on with the plot

Historians would die

For a way to decipher

Apparantly missing

Text passages here.


The still found no reasons

Why scratches and lesions

Related to goal

Subsequently appear.


But then why should it bother you

For he finally managed to

Haul her more or less unharmed

To the rendezvous spot.


Whitout expecting any pay

Except for the reward but hey

It's all about the context

So get on with the plot.

Huzzah, get on with the plot!


Deponia Walkthrough - Huzzah , ending music - Part 31

Huzzah ... as a rule

Now look at you startled

The brain implant cartridge

Has not been swapped which

Was all part of the plan.


A world has been rescued

That he did detest who'd

Have guessed I attest you'd

Have done just the same.


So if you still want to force

Me to do stupid chores

Like washing the dishes

Do the trash and such you'll.


Just prove that you haven't paid

attention to what i said

the message at core is... like...erm...

Huzzah ... as a rule.

Huzzah, the chorus guys rule!

Deponia (RUS)

Ну а мне давно пора

Мне видеть обидно

Как ты бесишься сильно

Из-за грязной посуды

на кухне твоей.


Я устал от тревог,

Вспомни наших отцов,

Они жили в мире,

Полном хлама и потерь.


Но когда исчезла надежда,

Он стряхнул пыль с одежды,

он был хитер и красив,

И прическа - на ура.


Смелость сияла в его глазах,

Когда он послал всех в пух и прах,

"Оставайтесь жить в хламе,

Ну а мне давно пора".

Хуза-а, ему давно пора.

Кому какое дело?

Как спето в легендах

Наш герой милосердный

Спас юную деву

От ужасной судьбы.


Он на стальном коне

С недругами на хвосте

Свою деву увез

В предзакатные лучи.


Поцелуй пробудил её

Или что-то типа того,

Но девица герою

Отвесила хук слева.


Это случилось потому,

Что имплантат сломался в мозгу

Ну а в целом кому какое дело?

Хуза-а, кому какое дело?

Продолжай рассказ

Историки жаждут

Расшифровать пассажи,

Что пропущены были

В этом месте тобой.


Они так и не узнали,

Как царапины попали

Во время пути

На милое личико Гоал.


Ну чего тут переживать?

Ведь главное понимать,

Что девица вполне жива

Осталась на этот раз.


Он не ожидал никакой платы,

Кроме небольшой награды,

Но это как посмотреть,

Так что продолжай рассказ.

Хуза-а, продолжай рассказ.

Тут крутой хор

Вижу, ты удивлен,

Что картридж не подменен

Но ты не бойся,

Ведь таков был план


Он спас свою планету,

Хоть ненавистней нету

Чему тут удивляться

Ты так же сделал бы сам.


Если ты хочешь заставить

Меня все тут драить,

Мыть там посуду

И мусор выносить


Это докажет только,

Что ты не слушал нисколько

И пропустил самую суть

Хуза-а, а суть вся в том,

Хуза-а, что тут крутой хор.

Chaos on Deponia (ENG)



All over again

You're being pathetic

Again about acrid

Bacteria in the fridge it's getting boring


But packing bags due to

Dirty socks I threw to

The lampshade's rim borders of unadorned scorn


Didn't I explicate it

Are you still not persuaded

Is grass growing on your tympanic membrane


Remember? Deponia

Self-sacrifices and bla

Gosh! Now I've start all over again

Huzzah, all over again


X) HD-0

With booze and so forth

Only the most epic

Tales feature cool

depictions of sawblades crushed into cable boat walls


The attempt though a blunt stunt

Affected Goals implant

Which surely can't be blamed on Rufus at all


Reckoning up the sum

The best was yet to come

For the end of part one seemed a little too coarse


To amend we'll send Rufus to attend

A second chance for a decent happy-end-ing:

a grand fling with dancing and booze and so forth

Huzzah, With booze and so forth


Chaos on Deponia - Huzzah Put Balls To The Wall (English Cut Scene 13x)

Put balls to the walls

Malevolent karma

So close to the dramas

Catharsis flesh doubts with her caused disarray


And she lift him behind

Though still not in one mind

Planning to reunite with her fierce fiance


But if you think it's time

For Rufus to resign

So close to the finish line you don't know him at all


For heroes gather momentum

On the bring of armageddon

Enthralled by the squall they'll put balls to the walls

Huzzah, Put balls to the walls


Chaos on Deponia - Hazzah Over time? (English Cut scene 15) HD

We'll work ... overtime ...?

Left in the lurch

On the verge of the purge

Their search for the submerge was brought to a halt


They stopped Donna Goals spins

With torpedo dolphins

And finally hope glints I cannot exalt


How outstandingly aced

He was dragged to the base

now the bell for the last round was about to chime


The showdown was imminent

And if no I apprehend

The chorus guys will have to work overtime

Huzzah, We'll work ... overtime ...?


Chaos on Deponia - Ending Song -English- -Spoilers-

Let's hope far away

Argus plan went awry

And: end of the story

You have to admit you enjoyed it a bit


And now you saw reason

Dump your Egot-ea-sm

And weight against the public benefit


Because close to the bone is

Where you need cojones

and platypuses and memberships to opposing underground organisations


So do unpack the bag

Now it's anyway way to late to sack

Me and secondly were am I gonna stay

Huzzah, Let's hope far away!

Goodbye Deponia (ENG)


Goodbye Deponia (Huzzah 1 song)

Good things come in threes

So this is the third strike, you're dumping me just like

a trashbag and why? Just because of some must-

ard on the carpet, you pathetic dorkhead

I assume that you humor did just bite from the dust.


But this isn't over yet! Yeah you cant bet on that

The last part of my tale will surely appease

and change you mind anyhow turn on your deaf aid now,

The story goes on, for good things come in threes.

Huzzah, Good things come in threes!


Goodbye Deponia (Huzzah 2 song)

With helium gas

So the cutter struck sails, wrecked as Toni's mum's scales

and of as much avail for the long road ahead.

Still the mood in the group was just super woop-e-doop yeah,

except that they slowly grew ripe for the bad,


for they knew that they would have to go on by foot.

No problem for such a walk is all the less

stressful if you sing along with a motivating song.

And to emphasize this i'll flood the cabin of the chorus guys with helium gas.

Huzzah, with helium gas!


Goodbye Deponia (Huzzah song 3)

Because brakes as a wimps

Before a champ decamps to adventure and enters

the lion's den he attends an obscure

purification ritual that's a habitual

narrative rule - look it up, it's for sure!


Polished to utmost cleanliness and dressed up as his nemesis,

he chose backed by Goal to go out on a limb.


And that they had to leave their friends of old

out in the cold was basically their own fault!

Advance, newer halt! Because brakes are for wimps.

Huzzah, Because brakes are for wimps


Goodbye Deponia - Huzzah song (4)

He completely f*cked up

Regarding Goals death and the loss of the As-

cension codes, I'll desist from my usual bon mots.

Things were in a mess, the tightness in his chest

was no less as big as the colossus of Rhodes.


As he fell from the skies his life flashed before his eyes,

Bereft of hope no courage left to pluck up,

he did finally comprehend this was the definite end,

game over this time, he completely f*cked up.

Huzzah, He completely f*cked up!


Goodbye Deponia - Huzzah song (5)

Three times the crap

Rufus a clone? Wow! Well whaddayouknow now,

that's mind-boggling news, but I'm sure you cane cope.

Just put on your slickers and hitch up you knickers,

for once more there flickers a speckle of hope.


Where things do look black you need someone to check

on the bulbs at the tunnel's end and if by hap

it turns out to be a cloning lab, you can prep for a quantum step,

for three times the Rufus is Three times the jab.

Huzzah, Three times the crap!


Goodbye Deponia (Huzzah song 6)

With a scoob a dee doo

the final maneuver proved as a move no more

nuts as any other plan there was at hand.

A perfect occasion for a contemplation

of all the events and the writer's intent.


It may seem safe to say that Rufus's way

for saving the day it a little snafu,

but when shit hits the fan is when a decent man's plan

will dwindle deeper as ever a diver With a scuba did do.

Huzzah, With a scoob a dee doo!


Goodbye Deponia (Huzzah song 7)

He's off now for real

I'm closing my case. There's nothing left to say.

Any last questions? ... yeah... I'll take this as a no.

But if you fill battered, your whole world is shattered,

i may have a helpful suggestion for you:


Just grab you harmonica sign about Deponia

and Rufus's dream of a life more ideal

and the fact that sometimes there may be just one last chance to save the day

to let go and if that's so... I'm off now for real!

Huzzah, he's off now for real!

Deponia Doomsday (ENG)


Deponia Doomsday - Opening Song -English- -Spoilers-

still wond'ring what if

You old amaurotic pinhead

act like this thing is not dead and didn't

run into a brick wall at full tilt already.

Let me help you fill that gap in memory.


Living in the waste was not to your taste,

but soon you will gaze truth straight in the face

that all rivers run e-

ventually to the sea.


At this stage it's evident, there will be no happy end.

Suck it up princess, no one cares for you tears.

It is over I've no damns to give

for second thoughts that you're stuck with,

looking for loopholes and wond'ring what if.

Huzzah, still wond'ring what if.

Интересные факты

  • Как в немецкой, так и в английской версии игр Барда озвучил Ян Мюллер-Михаэлис.
  • Пользователь под ником Alina Gingertail выложила на свой Ютуб канал кавер на все 4 песни из игры Deponia, видео и текст будут ниже.

Фанатские переводы


Deponia - Huzzah! (Rus) Gingertail Cover

Alina Gingertail (перевел SilverTatsu Tr)

I'm off now goodbye

Смотреть мне противно на ваши заботы, 

Что не мыта посуда и в трубах засор. 

Всё это нелепо, вы вспомните предков, 

Что прожили в мире где мусор и смрад. 

Но исчезла надежда, он смахнул пыль с одежды. 

Хитёр и красив, с причёской крутой. 

Сила и смелость в его глазах, 

Отбросив былого прах. 

Живите и дальше, а мне уж пора. 

Хузза, давно уж пора!

Who's gonna care?

Как спето в легендах, герой милосердный, 

Спас юную деву от жуткой судьбы. 

Верхом на коне, с врагом на хвосте, 

Сокрыл свою даму в закатном огне. 

И от вечного сна, пробудилась она, 

А герою за вольность - влепила леща. 

В голове её жесткий диск, 

Издал последний писк. 

Но у вас к тому интереса уж нет. 

Хузза, давно уже нет! 

Get on with the plot

И знать бы хотели, что случилось на деле, 

В запятнанных свитках истории той. 

Никто не узнал как шрам тот попал, 

На милую Гоал в пути их лихом. 

Но из сердца гони тоску. 

Пока бьет пульс к виску, 

Девица не сгинет и будет жива. 

Он не ждал больших наград, 

И маленькой был бы рад, 

Хотя тут всё спорно, продолжим рассказ. 

Хузза, продолжим рассказ!

Huzzah ... as a rule

Ты дивишься сильно, что катридж фальшивка, 

Но страхи откинь, жить - таков был их план. 

Он спас всю планету, хоть ненавистней нету, 

Чему удивляться? Так сделал бы сам. 

И коли хочешь ты меня, 

Заставить драить всё и вся. 

Мыть там посуду, иль мусор носить. 

Это докажет лишь одно, 

Что потерял ты нить давно, 

Не слушал меня, хузза - и есть сама суть.