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Gentlemen, we are about to be addressed by our great role model. Our leader. Our mentor. Our idol. Bailiff Argus! — An Organon soldier announcing Argus

Argus is an antagonist in the Deponia series. He is the bailiff of the Organon army.


Argus, or Prototype A, was born in the cloning facility, along with Rufus and Cletus, the three of them were the only Organon prototypes to survive before the events of the game.

Rufus first meets Argus on an Organon Cruiser, where he is negotiating with Goal. After Rufus accidentally throws her off the cruiser, the bailiff orders the Organon soldiers to throw Rufus as well. Argus then arrives to Kuvaq, trying to find the Elysian. Unfortunately for him, Rufus finds unconscious Goal first and runs away from the village with her.

Argus breaks the door

At night, the Organon, along with Cletus, arrive to the lower ascension station, where Rufus is waiting for the Elysian. Argus is looking for Rufus on the balcony of the concourse, when the Deponian, disguised as Cletus, tries to sneak past Argus, the bailiff asks him to show the backup cartridge, before Ulysses tells Argus to let the fake Cletus pass. Argus then notices the phosphor trails Rufus has left that lead to the outside of the station, he orders two Organon soldiers to guard the entrance to the lobby, saying that the Elysian must not be eliminated, but the Deponian may. After Rufus and Goal get to the concourse, the bailiff stops them. Falling for Rufus' disguise again, reminds him about the deal and even threatens to personally decapitate him with a rusty knife if he were to try anything funny...

Not so fast sunny

Not so fast, sunny.


Argus is a very serious individual who always sticks to his schedule. Unlike Rufus or Cletus, he does not brag about his high intelligence or incredible talents.

While he is an antagonist, Argus is not inherently evil as it was revealed in Goodbye Deponia that he actually cares for the Organon, and Rufus to some extent, he even refers to them as "brothers" by the end of the game.

Being a prototype clone, Argus has no respect for life.


"You know that he (Ulysses) is the actual monster of this little play. For years, I have stood quietly by and watched how the extermination of an entire people was prepared. Merely to allow a privileged few to enjoy a better life. I know Ulysses better than anyone else. I know how he thinks. Only I can put an end to this madness. But for that I need the ascension codes." Argus explaining his motives.


Rufus - At first, Argus did not think of Rufus as an actual threat, he rather saw him as a nuisance, but by the end of Chaos on Deponia, after the Resistance attacked, Argus became more wary and hostile towards Rufus. Even when it was revealed that the Resistance and Organon had one similar goal (to not let Elysium blow up the planet), he could not let Rufus save everyone because of Rufus' egoistic, destructive nature and let him use Goal to get to Elysium. Despite Argus clearly hating Rufus, he still asked him if he wanted to join the Organon on taking down the Council of Elders, since both of them were clones, he even stated that the Organon are their brothers. Despite being created in the same lab, Rufus and Argus did not seem to know each other before the events of the first game.

Argus without helmet

Argus without his helmet.


  • Argus does not have any unique idle animations, unlike the other two prototypes.
    • Moreover, unlike Rufus, Argus does not have a unique model when in Cletus' disguise and instead shares the same model as Cletus, but with different text colour.