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My name is Barry. I've traveled for miles only so I could talk to my greatest idol just this once. — Barry introducing himself to Rufus (Goodbye Deponia)

Barry is a character who appears in Goodbye Deponia and Deponia Doomsday. He is a fan of Rufus' and one of the only characters who actually think he is a selfless hero.

Goodbye Deponia[]

After Rufus and Goal end up trapped on an Organon Cruiser at the beginning of the game, Barry suddenly appears. He announces that he is a fan of Rufus and is here to watch his escapades, asking Rufus how he plans to get rid of the hostile Organon soldier. Rufus can say several plans, but in order to progress the story, he must tell Barry he plans to confuse him with blackout tactics. Barry turns up the flash on his camera, and the soldier enables his night vision. When Barry takes a photo, believing that Rufus is performing a maneuver when he is actually doing nothing, the flash blinds the soldier and he falls off the railing.

Rufus can optionally encourage Barry to give him a brief interview, and the two will discuss the events that Rufus was involved in during the previous games. Barry then asks to take a picture of Rufus saving Goal. Barry becomes nervous when Rufus increases the speed of the cruiser, putting Goal in further danger and destroying Bozo's Cutter. Barry's coat catches on fire as sparks fly from the cruiser. A hose and fire axe drops from the ceiling, hitting Barry and knocking him out. He regains consciousness as Rufus and Goal escape the cruiser and remarks that Rufus is a hero.

After Rufus arrives in Porta Fisco, he finds Barry working at the local newspaper. Barry tells him that everyone says he is an idiot rather than a hero; in order to change the people's minds, they decide to take a photo of Rufus doing something heroic. He later returns to take Barry to an elevated platform where Baby Bozo has climbed to. Rufus ends up getting a noose tangled around his neck, and Barry saves him by moving the rope. As Barry, Rufus, and Baby Bozo (in Rufus' arms) hang from the platform's support, Rufus tells Barry to take a photo, which he does. It's implied that by letting go of the rope to use the camera, Barry falls to the ground. In the next scene, Barry sits in the editor's office, wrapped in bandages, and gives Rufus the photograph.

After Rufus lets go of the rotor blade in the final moments of the game and begins falling to the planet below, Barry appears beside him, stating that he follows him everywhere. Barry praises Rufus for his altruistic decision. He is hit by a satellite as he falls, causing Rufus to laugh at his misfortune. It is unknown if Barry safely found a way back to Deponia.


Barrys debut


Being a fan of Rufus, Barry wears the same clothing, albeit differently coloured. He wears a brown hat with yellow goggles, red bandana, lavender coat, orange garbageman waistcoat, pocket waists, greyish green pants and brown boots.