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Shop-O-Mat 2000: Camilla is a wonderful lady. I am with her every day, lending her support.
Rufus: These must be hard times for her.
Shop-O-Mat 2000: She should not grieve for a husband who left her in the lurch. She should just look ahead. — Shop-O-Mat 2000 and Rufus discussing Gilligan's "mysterious" disappearance (Chaos on Deponia)

Camilla is a minor character mentioned in Chaos on Deponia. She is the wife of Gilligan, a gadgeteer and owner of Gilligan's Gadget Garden on the Dock in the Floating Black Market. Gilligan was captured by his employee and creation, Shop-O-Mat 2000. The robot did this seemingly so he could romance Camilla. He has spent every day comforting her while Gilligan is "gone", and has convinced her that robots are more reliable than people.