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Well, to be honest, Deponia is believed to be uninhabited. After all, the surface was declared uninhabitable eons ago. Just when the controlled destruction was imminent, rumors started to appear. Supposedly there were humans on Deponia, they said. That's why the elders appointed an inspector to get an assessment of the situation. And now guess who this inspector is. — Cletus to Rufus about the destruction of Deponia (Deponia)

Cletus is an antagonist in the Deponia series.



  • Goal -
    • Lady Goal - Along with Baby Goal, Cletus considers her to be one of the best parts of Goal.
    • Spunky Goal - Cletus considers her the worst part of Goal, and thinks that she consists of all Goal's "mental and childhood traumas".
    • Baby Goal - Along with Lady Goal, Cletus considers her to be one of the best parts of Goal.


Much like Rufus, Cletus is a narcissist, with no empathy or morals, who sees everyone else as lesser men. When Rufus contacted Cletus, he seemed to be very concerned about Goal's well being, he even agreed to take Rufus to Elysium if Rufus were to bring her to the ascension station. However, it was later revealed that he only needed the ascension codes and that Goal was nothing more than a nuisance to him.

Argus - "Are you sure this Rufus character is naive enough to bring your fiancee here?"

Cletus - "Absolutely. He's a self-centered, greedy rat. The expectation to get to Elysium will lure him here."

Argus - "I really don't understand what you see in that woman, Cletus. As far as I am concerned, she's simply an unpredictable risk for our joint venture."

Cletus - "Believe me, after everything she did, I'd prefer to leave her behind on Deponia too. But i need the ascension codes to return to Elysium. And, unfortunately, those codes are only stored in her brain implant. No Goal, no ascension codes. And without ascension codes, there's no joint venture."



  • It is unknown whether or not Cletus is aware of being a clone. When Rufus asks Cletus why he bears such a striking resemblance to Rufus, Cletus does not explain to him that they both are clones and instead corrects Rufus by saying that he looks like Cletus, before both of them start insulting each other.
  • Cletus is the only prototype clone who is confirmed alive by the end of Goodbye Deponia.
  • Cletus, along with Rufus, Argus, Goal, Toni, Bozo and Doc, are the only characters to appear in all three games of the Complete Journey.
    • He is also one of the five characters to appear in all Deponia games, including Doomsday (Other four being Rufus, Argus, Toni and Goal).