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The Cloning Facility is a location in Goodbye Deponia. It is where the Organon, Rufus, Cletus, and Argus were created. The facility is no longer used, except by Hermes, who has made it his home and also uses it to clone himself to prolong his lifespan.


Hermes first used the facility to create prototype clones, attempting to perfect their design by altering their morals and personality. He gave the clones no respect for life or fear of death, and many of them were injured and killed by their own reckless actions. Three of the original prototypes survived: Rufus, who was abandoned outside a Deponian town; Cletus, who was allowed to live in Elysium and become an inspector; and Argus, who joined the Organon. The Organon is an army of clone soldiers created by Hermes after the development of the prototypes to serve the interests of Elysium. Eventually, the facility fell into disrepair, but Hermes continued living there, repeatedly cloning himself over the years.

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