Not to be confused with Deponia (game).

Do you know what it's like to wake up every morning surrounded by garbage? Between leftovers and dirty laundry? The washbasin is leaking, the toilet overflows, the fridge is empty...and the water smells like it hasn't had a bath for months. And then those permanent cries of "Rufus! Do the dishes! Find work! Tidy up for once!" Get it into your thick skulls! The whole planet is a trash heap! We walk on--trash! We eat--junk! You want me to get my ass into gear? You can watch my ass disappear! I'm going where potential is not just fertilizer that gets strewn on the cabbage beds! What can a man achieve in this trash heap anyway? Be freaking mayor of freaking Garbagetown? The job that even the noble master dodger of responsibility didn't want? Count me out!

Rufus ranting about why he hates Deponia (Deponia)

Deponia is a planet and the main location of the events in the Deponia series.

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