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Elysium isn't the paradise you think it is. It is just a vessel. A starship, designed to leave Deponia once and for all. So that we can start over on Utopia, the nearest inhabitable planet. — Donna-Goal to Rufus (Chaos on Deponia)

And when all our trash threatened to swallow even our highest spires, we built...a spaceship. Powered by nothing less than the destruction of our own planet. The preparations took decades. What was meant to be an ark, became a home. My home. Elysium. — Future Goal (Deponia Doomsday)

Elysium is a location in the Deponia series. It is a city that floats above Deponia. It is an idyllic paradise, where the upper class spend their days lazily relaxing and enjoying the many benefits the city has to offer. It is led by the Council of Elders, a group of elder Elysians who gather to announce their rulings on important decisions.


Hundreds of years ago, after Deponia became crowded with junk by the people who lived there, Hermes designed a spaceship to escape the planet and live on Utopia. But it took so long to make preparations for the journey that the people on the spaceship settled there. That spaceship was Elysium.



Council of Elders[]