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Garlef is a character who appears in Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia. He is one of the resistance members and a professional Rock-Paper-Scissors player.


Garlef wears a light-brown sweater, brown pants and dark-brown shoes. One of Garlef's most notable features is his long nose.

Garlefs Full model


Garlef is not very brave, as he was too afraid to use the tavern's washroom, however, he is protective of his friends, as seen when he told Janosch not to let Rufus tease him for his speech impairment. He is also true to his words, after Rufus beat him in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, he gave him the secret knock to Janosch's basement as promised.


Janosch - Not much is known about their relationship outside of them being friends, however it is clear that Garlef cares for him, since he was the one who negatively reacted to Rufus when he teased Janosch.

Liebold - They're friends, not much else is known about their relationship outside that.

Rufus -


  • Garlef and Janosch are the only inhabitants of the Floating Black Market who don't speak with an American accent.
  • Rufus describes Garlef as an "ugly bird", most likely because of his long nose.