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IMPORTANT: You maв be loo Гоал ing forferent Goal!

Goal is a character in the Deponia series. She is Rufus' girlfriend and the secondary protagonist of the game.


Goal is a tall, pale Elysian. She has straight, waist-length, bright orange hair. She has wide eyes, long eyelashes, and pink blush patches on her cheeks. The thin metal edge of her cartridge shows on her left temple.

She wears a white, sleeveless, turtleneck jumpsuit. There is a long zipper line down the middle, a pale green rectangle on the neckline, and a pale green sewn-on belt that circles almost all the way around the waist.

On the back of her head, Goal wears a pale green headband. She also has gloves with small green buttons on them, pale gray boots with a green sole and green rectangles near the edge.


Goal’s untampered personality is hard to describe, as for the majority of the game her mind is twisted, broken, and corrupted by Rufus.

However, Goal is a compassionate Elysian; when her people flippantly chose to annihilate Deponia whether it was inhabited or not, Goal insisted that Cletus accompany her to investigate the planet to ensure nobody would be harmed. When she discovered life, she was compelled to ensure the planet's survival.

Goal is one for action and is not one to shy away from arguing her point. She has a resolute personality and will often contradict or challenge orders. She is free-thinking and selfless. She shows compassion to the Deponians and has the strength to stand for what is right.

She is a loving individual and is faithful to those who return the gesture. Goal respects loyalty, as displayed when she discovered Cletus's true self, she picks her friends wisely, and seeks people whom she can trust, often shaping such people to grow and become more like herself: Compassionate, strong-willed, and faithful.


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