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No matter what you've done, get over it. Life goes on! — Hermes to Rufus

Hermes is a character in Goodbye Deponia. He designed Elysium, and the Cloning Facility that was used to create Argus, Cletus, Rufus, and the Organon.


Hermes looks a lot like the Grim Reaper, he wears a dark-green robe with a hood, wears pink slippers and walks with a scythe. His skin colour is light-green and his head appears to be reattached to his body, judging by the lines on his neck.


Hermes embraces life, he values it so much that he keeps cloning himself just to live longer.


Rufus: Okay, I'm a clone, right? So why am I still wearing the same coat?
Hermes: Seriously? Oh, not the clothes business again! I create life, for crying out loud! You should think that everyone would be totally astounded by that fact. But nooo! Everyone always asks about the outfit. — Rufus and Hermes after Rufus is brought back to life as a clone


  • Ironically, Hermes resembles the Grim Reaper, despite creating an entire army of human clones.
  • In Greek mythology, Hermes is the herald and messenger of the gods.


Pokis scribble of Hermes

Poki's Hermes scribble.