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"It's Menetekel, I've always thought the name was cute. It means something like "Impending Doom"."

Hotel Menetekel is a location in Goodbye Deponia.

The hotel is located under the Organon cruiser route. The place appears to be in a horrible condition. According to the receptionist, the place is the ideal location for people who are so desperate that they'll accept anything.

Developer's commentary[]

Reception area

"The hotel's receptionist is in fact one of my favorite characters. He's just such a slacker and brutally honest. Hotel Menetekel is in a disastrous condition and he just doesn't care. Very fun guy to write.

And despite the fact that he's just a nameless support character -seriously, that guy's listed as 'Receptionist'- he has the most lines of text among all support characters in Goodbye Deponia. Thinking about it, that's a bit awkward. But as i said...he's a fun guy to write.

And that's of course also due to the fact that you have to come back to this room multiple times. This is, after all, where our comedy of errors will start. You can really look forward to that. All kinds of crazy mix-ups and confusions will take the place right there in this room. What else? Ah, right, my sincere apologies that the bell on the counter, drawn by Micha, looks like a butt.

I didn't greenlight that, and when he showed the drawing to me i just couldn't say no as i was laughing so hard."