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"The tranquil village of Kuvaq was built in the sinkhole of a pile of garbage. The distinctive yellow rooftops of the settlement mainly consist of dismantled components of junk bulldozers, which now remind the residents that some things also lose their utility when they are used too often." — - Kuvaq, as described in "The Art of Deponia"

Kuvaq is a small village south of Buusa-Westvoq that appears in Deponia and Deponia Doomsday. Kuvaq is the first location in the series.

Grown to a respectable amount in size, Kuvaq, is nowadays equipped with an own telephone tower, a fully functioning mail system, a hospital, a police station as well as a fire station and also an impressive town hall.

Just ignore the fact that all the mentioned installations are located in only two buildings.


The first location of Kuvaq, as well as the first location of the game, is Toni's house. There, Rufus gathers all his items and packs them in order to leave Kuvaq and Deponia for good. Outside of the house, he prepares the rocket for his journey to Elysium, but due to a misfortune, he ends up on an Organon Cruiser instead, where he rescues Goal from the hands of the Organon. After this incident, he is thrown off the board and lands in the cactus out side the towns main entrance.

Rufus learns at the Town Hall that Goal landed in Kuvaq and the mayor is looking for someone who can give her shelter.

Deponia Doomsday[]

Deponia Doomsday expands on the village of Kuvaq, adding in three new locations, as well as showcasing a local event, BBQ Thursday.

Not far outside of Kuvaqs town center, Rufus has built a balloon over the toxic and flammable gas pits.




BBQ Thursday is regularly celebrated in Kuvaq, and even draws in people from other neighboring settlements. Festivities include live music, BBQ meat, bobbing for rotten fruit, baked potatoes and fresh honey.

The power in town also becomes rigged in such a way that there are no chances for starting a fire in the vicinity of Rufus. Lights and BBQs turn off when he gets near.