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IMPORTANT: You may be looking for a different Goal!

But there is a third part as well. And that part sides with me! — Cletus to Rufus about Lady Goal (Chaos on Deponia)

Lady Goal, also known as Donna-Goal, is an aspect of Goal's personality. She made her debut in Chaos on Deponia.


Lady Goal is the noble, sophisticated side of Goal's personality. She is very classy, but somewhat snobby and cold.

Chaos on Deponia[]




  • Spunky Goal - Lady Goal and Spunky Goal are complete opposites. They dislike each other.
  • Baby Goal - Lady Goal thinks Baby Goal is misguided by Rufus, and attempts to "educate" her about his shortcomings.


  • Cletus (fiancé) - Lady Goal and Cletus are very similar, and are more attracted to each other than any other part of Goal's personality. She considers him "the good guy", and will side with him over anyone else, especially Rufus.
  • Rufus - Though Rufus is attracted to her, Lady Goal dislikes him. She considers him disgusting and reckless, and tries to convince the other Goals of that as well. She kisses him after Seagull upsets her, apologizing for her misconceptions about him. After taking control of Donna's body to fulfill her goal of returning to Elysium, without Rufus, she shows a softer side toward him. She wants him to be happy and doesn't think he would be if they were together and in Elysium. She affectionately calls him "Trash Baby" and states that he wouldn't truly be happy in Elysium, as he wouldn't be able to concoct any more plans or have any more adventures.
  • Seagull - Lady Goal is at first impressed by Seagull, thinking that he is a "real gentleman". She enjoys their date together, finding it romantic and upscale; but after he recites a poem that compares her to a platypus, she becomes extremely angry and splashes water in his face. She proceeds to make out with Rufus in front of Seagull as he cries.