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"Look Around" is a rap song in Goodbye Deponia. It is a song by Cowboy Dodo, played on one of the screens at the Organon station as the "first exclusive preview of his new single".


You just can't get your eyes off me, can you?
It's past bearing, you keep staring, show is over, I'm off venue
Don't you ever have to blink?
What are you, some kind of guppy?
Why don't you just watch a funny online video with a puppy?
Look dumb once if you get it now
Well done, enough already
I'll just stroll off somewhere else-ish
And you stay here nice and steady, right?
Oh, well, I should know better
What's the matter?
Am I balding?
Is a bogey on my nose?
Say, what's the thing you are beholding?
Now you stare at me as if there was just rubbish on the telly
And I cannot even blame you for I also have a belly—
—full of livin' here
Where all you see is landfills full of litter
My home, i.e. Deponia, I know it may sound bitter
But somewhere up Elysium is bound to be found
You're just facin' the wrong way
So turn around
Didn't we agree
Nothin' here for you to see
Now get lost, never be found
Just look around
Got a stiff neck?
Maybe whiplash?
Wearing blinkers?
Got your hip smashed?
Are you deaf or graveyard bound?
Man, look around
Listen to the Cowboy Dodo, Cowboy Dodo
Look around
Look around
Listen to the Cowboy Dodo
Listen what he has to say
Look around you all the day, and you'll see me in your way
Look around you
You'll be on your back, from morning 'til night
I don't wanna tow you if you're gonna have a little fright on Sunday
Then it's Wednesday
I'm the little cowboy that comes on you on Thursday
Oh, yes
Look around
Look around
Look around