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"Look at Me" is a rap song in Goodbye Deponia. It is Cowboy Dodo's "current smash hit" and is played on one of the screens at the Organon station.


You don't know what you want
Where you stand
There's no plan
Except the one with the big hole
Labeled "Goals for the Future"
Constantly you choose
To stew in your own juice
Over seeking expert views
Yeah, that's okay, man, for it suits your
Style of life
You're self sufficient like a car powered by solar
Never pulled a thing off so far
But if you did it'd be on your own account
You never ask advice, you skip every tutorial
You have your own views, never cited any editorial
Well done so far, amigo
Huzzah for your big ego
The only thing that's bugging me is every time that we go:
"Hey, what's up, bro?"
You go: "Why is every moron struck by luck? Why am I stuck in the muck, while every jerk is—? What the—?"
Look at you
Never ask for help then suit yourself for c'est la vie
Wanna know how it's been done?
Just look at me
Does it hurt to face the facts?
Have your optics track a check
I enact a remedy:
Just look at me
Did your diet just quadruple?
Need new loopholes for your pupils?
Is it still too hard to see?
Well, look at me
They call me Cowboy Dodo
Cowboy Dodo
Cowboy Dodo
They call me the Cowboy
Call me the Cowboy Dodo, Cowboy Dodo
Look at me
Yeah, look at me
This is Cowboy Dodo
Baby, look at me
Yeah, look at me, babe
They call me the Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy Do—Dodo
My, look at me now, honey
Uh-huh, uh-huh
When you know what is up
I'm the cowboy that doesn't have a gun
You know what it is when you take it on the pier
But I don't know, yo
Cowboy Dodo
They call me the Cowboy Dodo, Cowboy Dodo
Just look at me
I'm the Cowboy
They call me Cowboy Dodo