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Lotti, formerly known as Lotto, is a character in the Deponia series.


Before becoming Lotti, Lotto used to be a pretty rude, loud and straightforward guy, with stereotypical views on what defines a real man.

After becoming Lotti, she became kind and non-judgemental to others, even if they were Rufus.


Before Lotti, Lotto used to look like a lumberjack, having a red checkered shirt, blue jeans and an ushanka-hat. Lotto had long blond hair and a beard.



Lotti wears a pink dress and is, or at least was, barefoot. Lotti now lacks beard. Like many characters, Lotti also lacks a nose.




Lotti is the receptionist at the Town Hall. She informs Rufus to draw a waiting number if he wants to speak to the mayor, who is going to decide who will give shelter to Goal.

If he attempts to enter the post office, she will tell Rufus it's closed, due to the missing clock. After Rufus steals the mayor's watch and uses it to replace the clock, he asks Lotti if it was unexpected, which she agrees to disgruntledly, and will not stop him from entering the room.

Goodbye Deponia[]


Deponia Doomsday[]



Rufus - Lotti used to think of Rufus as a good-for-nothing weakling, doubting he's even a man, but after becoming Lotti, she became nicer to Rufus. While he does not care for Lotti, Rufus still respects her "bold step" and sees her as a woman, which means he's also quite sexist to her.

Rufus - "You know, to be honest, I've always had the feeling there was a great woman somewhere inside you."


Toni - Toni found Lotto to be annoying because he wouldn't stop badmouthing Rufus, to the point where she ripped out his beard, and presumably some other parts, leading to Lotto becoming Lotti. Their current relationship is unknown.


  • Lotti loves wombats and finds them useful.