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I'm stuck. Isn't that weird? — Mailman

Mailman is a character in Goodbye Deponia.

Goodbye Deponia[]

The Mailman is seen hanging out the window of Casa Bozo in Porta Fisco. Rufus can open his bag and retrieve a letter from Papa Bozo to Mama Bozo. When Rufus enters the house, the mailman will occasionally chime in on conversations with a comment on being stuck or a plea for someone to help him out.



  • Mama Bozo (lover) - Grandpa Bozo reveals during a conversation that Mama is involved in a romantic relationship with the Mailman (and the milkman and plumber). The letter from Papa to Mama states that he found underwear with the Mailman's name on it on top of the toilet tank, and mistakenly assumes that the Mailman is using their bath.