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North Pole is a location in Chaos on Deponia. It is one of the locations at which Rufus, Goal, Doc, and Bozo can travel using Bozo's Cutter's navigation controls, the others being Porta Fisco, Isla Watchit, and Floating Black Market.


The north pole only has a placard, which reads "North Pole," and a small iceberg with a frozen prehistoric man inside it. Rufus is surprised when he realises how small the pole is and claims that Lonzo puts more ice in his drinks to save alcohol.

The prehistoric man holds a torch in his left hand, which can be taken by Rufus after he urinates on the iceberg, making a hole in the process. He can also take the hose located on the ground and snow from the snow pile. Rufus can also inspect the placard and the stars from the sky.