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The Platypus is a species found both in real life and planet Deponia, unlike their real life counterparts, platypuses are very diverse, there are fire platypuses, flying platypuses and even vampire platypuses. Platypuses appear to be quite popular on the Floating Black Market.

Platypus field guide

A Platypus Field Guide.


Platypuses are very protective of their nests and hide their eggs from thieves. Some platypuses, like the vampire platypuses, hide with their eggs and do so in groups.


Earth Platypus - Earth Platypuses hide their eggs in the soil. Their eggs hatch in frozen soil with the frozen ground frost.

Flying Platypus - Flying Platypuses hide their eggs in high places. The eggs of the flying platypus hatch in free fall from the highest point of their habitat.

Fire Platypus - Fire Platypuses hide their eggs in hot geysers, or any place that works similarly, like steam pipes, and hatch in blazing fire.

Water Platypus - Water Platypuses hide their eggs near the shore and hatch in the mouths of living zebrafish.

Vampire Platypus - Not much is known about vampire platypuses, since they are not mentioned in the field guide and only appear in the clone lab. It appears that they prefer to hide with their eggs and are much more aggressive than the other types. They also don't like garlic.

Nude Platypus -



  • It is unknown why the vampire platypus is not mentioned in the field guide. Stranger than that is the fact that the field guide says there are four types of platypus. It is possible, though unlikely, that vampire platypuses have not been discovered, since the only place they appear in is the abandoned cloning facility, which could explain Rufus' reaction when he first saw a vampire platypus in the pipe.


Platypus types from The Art of Deponia.