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That's the beauty of it. People love that! Petting animals and go-karts? Pah! People want drama! Action! A new Armageddon every day! — Ronny about the Fewlocks

Ronny is a character in Deponia Doomsday. He is an AI designed to help the Elysians throughout their everyday lives, but later becomes an antagonist when he uses the Fewlocks to harm and kill everyone in Deponia and Elysium.






Rrrooonnnyyy! — Ronny introducing himself

Rufus: I have a few questions...
Ronny: Great! I can hardly wait to answer them to your complete satisfaction. — Rufus and Ronny

Rufus: I still have a few more questions...
Ronny: Oh, boy! Is it my birthday? — Rufus and Ronny

Ronny: I'm being spoken to by a friendly fella with a dashing, doo-wop hairdo. How do you get that quiff to stay stiff?
Rufus: I use rancid engine oil for hair wax.
Ronny: Good on you! It's a cool way to find out who your real friends are. — Ronny and Rufus

Rufus: Thanks for nothing.
Ronny: It was an honor. An absolute pleasure. A—
Rufus: Bye, Ronny. — Rufus and Ronny

Uh-oh! Problemo latte grande! — Ronny

Rufus: This congenial thinking apparatus has just formed a plan for a new, brilliant maneuver that will be the talk of generations to come.
Ronny: That's assuming they can get their jaws off the floor! — Rufus and Ronny

Ronny: Do I know you?
Rufus: Not yet.
Ronny: We better change that! — Rufus and Ronny meeting for the first time...again

This is Elysium! You can find whatever you wish for here. — Ronny about Elysium

Ronny: That really hurts!
Rufus: Aren't you programmed to make people happy?
Ronny: But... (sighs) It was wonderful how you sounded out the load capacity of my sensory functions. — Ronny to Rufus

Ronny: Scanning DNA sample... Detecting species: cool zombie dinosaur.
Rufus: Wow! Really? D'aw, you're just jerking my chain!
Ronny: You started it. — Ronny to Rufus

Ronny: Scanning DNA sample...
Rufus: Hey! That was my hand!
Ronny: Detecting species: clown clone. Hehehe! — Ronny to Rufus

Rufus: You're crazy, Ronny!
Ronny: Could be... Crazy for FUUNN! — Rufus and Ronny

How can it be serious if it has no consequences, hm? — Ronny to Rufus

Fun is always pointless! — Ronny to Rufus and Goal

As long as I have this hat on, the adventure will never end! — Ronny to Rufus and Goal

Rufus: Your hat is stupid, Ronny!
Ronny: (sighs) I know. But you try folding a hat when you've got leaves instead of hands! I can't even get a paper airplane right! — Rufus and Ronny about his paper hat


SPOILER ALERT: This section contains spoilers for Undertale.
  • Ronny is similar to the character Flowey from the game Undertale. Both are sentient flowers that are seemingly friendly and helpful, but are actually twisted and sadistic antagonists. Also, both want the game to never end; Flowey breaks the 4th wall and the player's save file to force the game to repeat whenever the player dies, and Ronny makes use of the time loop to wreak havoc.