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You're not getting rid of me that easily. I am like herpes. A cool version of herpes. — Rufus

I'll save my telekinetic powers for later. — Rufus

Toni: First and foremost, you have an extremely distorted view of yourself.
Rufus: Well, that's because my reflection in the mirror is so blindingly bright. — Toni and Rufus

Chaos on Deponia[]


Goodbye Deponia[]


Deponia Doomsday[]

What a nightmare! I was old, and had a mustache! All my friends were dead, and Elysium had fallen out of the sky! Also, I blew Deponia up. Talk about sick. I mean...a mustache? Really? — Rufus about Future Rufus

Rufus: You destroyed my girlfriend's glasses when you parked!
McChronicle: Heavens to Betsy! Do you know what that means? I have possibly triggered a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions!
Rufus: Yeah. But she usually calms down after a couple days.
McChronicle: You misunderstand me. I'm talking about ash rain, magma flows, perpetual darkness...
Rufus: Yeah, that sounds about right. You've met Toni. Got it. — Rufus and McChronicle about Toni

Henna: Ooh! I didn't even see you coming.
Rufus: Hehe, what can I say, I'm like climate change. — Henna and Rufus

Remember this, Ronny: nothing is ever physically safe from Rufus. — Rufus to Ronny

Ronny: How can it be serious if it has no consequences, hm?
Rufus: Because consequences are important! Without consequences, everything is just...pointless! — Ronny and Rufus