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IMPORTANT: You may be looking for a different Goal!

The Goal that I know is a fighter who will stand up for what she believes in! — Rufus about Spunky Goal (Chaos on Deponia)

Spunky Goal, also known as Donna-Goal or Spunky-Donna-Goal, is an aspect of Goal's personality. She made her debut in Chaos on Deponia.


Spunky Goal is adventurous and brave. She can also be very aggressive (though, often with good reason).

She usually prefers to use physical action, especially violence, to solve her problems. At times, she will often address Rufus and many others around him in a crass and direct manner (coming off as standoffish and blunt). But once people have earned her respect (either through sheer will-power or strength), she will be there to back up her friends.

She is also an expert fighter.

Chaos on Deponia[]

She is a third of Goal's overall personality, and the first of Goal's personalities to meet Rufus after waking up.

After Goal was badly injured from her fall with Rufus (in the beginning of the game), Doc tried to fix Goal's mind by giving her surgery. However, due to the cheap cartridges Rufus bought, the surgery wasn't successful and Spunky Goal fully came into being (separated from Goal and her other 2 personalities: Lady Goal and Baby Goal).

At first, she didn't like Rufus very much (due to Rufus's complete recklessness and his lack of understanding the consequences of his actions towards those around him). However, after Rufus challenged her and won at Platypus Bataka, she came to accept him as her friend and lover.



  • Lady Goal - She and Lady Goal dislike each other and are enemies due to their conflicting personalities.


  • You can see some small traces of Spunky Goal's personality in the first Deponia game, when Goal first punched Rufus after waking up from drinking his special-made coffee.