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Toni's Shop is a location in Deponia, located in Kuvaq. It is the place where Toni sells weights, anchors, metal boots, hooks, and all kinds of trash, as well as gift vouchers for the post office.


When Rufus enters the store for the first time, he is mocked by Toni, who calls him "the man who defied gravity," as well as many other mockery insults. When asked about vouchers, Toni tells Rufus that they are gift vouchers, which can be used at the post office in order to deliver the merchandise. She also tells him that the vouchers are not free.

Toni will start meditate after she angrily screams at Rufus for trying to take her vouchers. During Toni's meditation, Rufus can grab a hook from the hooks box, hurting himself in the process. After seeing him bleed, Toni gives Rufus the key of the first aid kit, located in her house, and tells him to get out of her store.

Available items[]

Items to pick up[]

  • Hook Hook
  • Key of First Aid Kit - Given by Toni.
  • Vouchers


  • Crank
  • Grinder
  • Stuff
    • Inspect: "Weights, anchors, metal boots, hooks. All the things you need if you want to stay moored forever."